Awesome & Awkward: Horse Races, Working Out, and Old Friends

Who's ready for another round of awesome & awkward happenings in my life?  Here we go!

Awesome: Playing the ponies at Churchill Downs night racing with my best friends.  We lived like millionaires for the night in our private box and all, throwing back $12 drinks and placing bets like pros.  Haha, not really, but we did have a private box which was nice.  Winning some money on a few races didn't hurt either, even though I lost money overall.  Womp womp.  And yes, the drinks really were that expensive, but it was still such a fun night! 
Awkward: I don't even know how to consolidate this story into a short enough paragraph so you don't get confused.  Basically, Chelcey had given our friend Stedmon her phone to use while we were up walking around and grabbing some food.  When we came back to our seats, she realized she didn't have said phone, and Stedmon said he didn't have it either.  Being the best friend I am, I called her phone and lo and behold, a girl answered.  Mind you, it was hard for me to hear this person on the other end, but I immediately jumped to the conclusion that some chick just stumbled onto Chelcey's phone and was going to keep it.  It didn't help that she hung up on me when I asked to meet her somewhere so we could get it back.  In a matter of moments I was in protective mode, about to go find this person.  I may have used a few choice words too.  Well, come to find out, our friend Katie, who was literally sitting in front of me, was the girl on the other end.  They had the damn phone the whole time, and I was so caught up in the moment that I just about lost it.  Of course, I apologized profusely to Katie, because obviously I didn't think she was a b-word.  Luckily they all laughed it off and I felt like an idiot for being so gullible.  Lesson learned from this one, for sure.

Awesome: Chelcey and I tried out some new group fitness classes this past week, and I am so excited to get back into an exercise routine.  We did yoga, Pilates and spin.  I was sore as can be at the end of the week, but it felt great.  Surprisingly, spin was my favorite of the three.  I say surprisingly because I usually hate getting really super sweaty and gross.  It interferes with my ability to go a week without washing my hair.  But, I guess that's the point of working out isn't it?  Having an excuse to buy new workout clothes doesn't hurt either.
Awkward: Oh you know, just being way more out of shape than my fitness class counterparts who were more than twice my age.  It was just a tad bit intimidating.  I know it's supposed to be a judgment-free zone in there, but I couldn't help but judge myself and the fact that I sometimes couldn't even do the modified version of certain moves.  But hey, more power to them if they are in that great of shape.  We all have to start somewhere and I hope I can be that way one day.

Awesome: Having a sister date at Moe's, and then shopping for apartment things after.  Since she graduated and got a big girl job, I hardly ever get to see the girl.  Of course that makes me sad, so getting to spend a fun evening with my sister was just what I needed.
Awkward: Running into a guy friend at Moe's I've known since elementary school but haven't really talked to since we graduated high school.  Of course, he was standing in line right in front of us, and I played the whole I'm-gonna-pretend-I-don't-see-you card because I felt awkward and didn't know what to say.  Then when he said something to me later, I felt worse and had to act like I hadn't noticed it was him.  Why must I be so weird?

Awesome: Running into another friend/former manager from my old job while Chelcey and I were out and about taking photos.  It's always good to see someone like that when you haven't seen them in a long time.  Most of my best friends are people I met at that job, and even though I haven't seen this particular person in a while, he's always someone we talk about and wonder what he's up to.
Awkward: Realizing I give awkward pat-on-the-back hugs.  I hadn't noticed before, but when he went in for a hug I caught myself patting him on the back and immediately stopped.  I think it might be a guy thing actually, because now of course I am very aware of it and I realized I also do this with another guy friend.  Does anyone else do this?  Nope, just me.  Cool.