My Top Five Guilty Pleasure TV Shows

Given all of the Pretty Little Liars binge-watching I've been doing lately, I've started to feel slightly embarrassed about it.  At work, I can't wait to get home so I can watch more episodes and see what A is going to do next.  And I've started spinning things going on in my life into the plot on the show, like when I spent time with my sister this past week and heard strange noises coming from upstairs at our parents' house.  It had to be A up there, obviously.  I might be passed the point of no return.  PS - if you don't watch PLL and don't understand the previous references, I'm sorry.  Here are five more guilty pleasure TV shows to whet your appetite!


The Only Way is Essex


This show is "Britain's answer to The Hills" - another show I loved.  If you can look past the excessive amounts of plastic surgery and shallowness, you just might actually start to like these people.  Clearly I'm not afraid to admit that I'm obsessed with them and have to know every last detail about their lives.  Just don't blame me when you start talking in a British accent with your friends, replacing swear words with "bullocks," and calling sweaters "jumpers."


Keeping Up With the Kardashians

- I've been keeping up since the beginning, when the show first premiered seven years ago.  Seriously, how has it been that long?  Through the ups and the downs, I've started to feel like


a part of the family.  There's a little bit more plastic surgery to deal with, but what's not to love about Kim, Kourtney and Khloe?  They've built an empire around their brand, and you have to respect that.


Snapped -

Just because you watch a show about women who kill their husbands, it doesn't mean that you're a crazy psychopath, right?  In all reality, I am just fascinated with the psychology side of these cases.  Watching the interviews with the women once they've been convicted is pretty crazy.  And it's even crazier when you watch an episode that takes place where you live.  Totally makes you question everything you know about your neighbors.


Property Virgins

- For something a little more lighthearted, I turn to HGTV and Property Virgins.  It's totally relate-able for twenty-somethings because the people they feature are usually young couples or professionals looking to buy their first place.  This show will give you real estate fever like no other, and it's so addictive.  If you're not in any position to take on a mortgage, you can settle for some redecorating to curb your appetite instead.


Shark Tank

- The entrepreneur in me just had to include this show.  Some people have great ideas, and others, not so much.  Either way, it's always interesting to see what ideas others have come up with for new products and business models.  The sharks can be vicious, especially Mr. Wonderful.  He's the type you love to hate.  You might learn a thing or two about business while you watch too, which isn't half bad for a guilty pleasure. 

What are your favorite guilty pleasure tv shows?