Ten Things I Learned from Traveling to Minnesota

1. Flying is just like riding a roller coaster.  For my first flight from Louisville to Dallas, I was so anxious and nervous the whole time.  On the second leg to Minneapolis though, I was actually able to fall asleep.  I'm the same way when it comes to roller coasters when I haven't been on one in a while.  I'll be scared to death for that first ride but then I'll be racing to get back in line and go again.

2. Speaking of Dallas, airline routes make absolutely no sense sometimes.  One bad thing about Louisville is that most of the time you won't find a direct flight where you are going, unless Atlanta (a major Delta hub) happens to be your destination.  Since I was flying American this time, I was routed through their hub, which is Dallas.  Don't get me wrong, their airport was really nice and all but I would so rather go at least in the general direction of my destination.

3. Speaking of other cities' airports, Louisville's airport is teeny-tiny.  This is a good and bad thing.  It's good because when you're flying out it's not usually crazy and crowded.  It's bad because it doesn't prepare you for the mass of people, terminals and gates you will find when you get to your next city.  When I arrived in Dallas, I started walking in the wrong direction to my next flight, only to find out I only had to go one gate over.  I was actually kind of hoping to have to ride the subway train thing to another terminal.  Go figure.

4. An adorable little child in front of you on a plane is probably the most precious thing ever.  Ever.  Especially when he keeps looking at you with his big brown eyes and curly hair, laughing and blowing you kisses.  Seriously, my heart melted.  I wanted to take a picture but I thought that might be creepy.

5. On the other hand, you have some passengers that have no filter or need for privacy when it comes to their phone calls.  These are the people who have to make a call as soon as the plane lands.  Because, you know, they just had to call their friend to discuss their "cycle" and the fact that they must be ovulating.  No offense to anyone who needs to make a call when you land, just save the bodily function conversations for anywhere but the runway.

6. People in Minnesota really do have that typical Minnesota accent.  For this sometimes-I-let-my-southern-drawl-slip girl, it was quite an adjustment to get used to hearing, but I'm sure they would be thinking the same thing if they came to Kentucky.  Everyone I met at the hotel also couldn't believe I was from Kentucky because I didn't have an accent.  Sigh

7. No one understands what you mean when you say "Luhvuhl."  I think I repeated myself about 5 times when my driver at the airport asked where I was from.  We finally had that light bulb moment when I said, "it's where they have the Kentucky Derby."  Ding ding ding.  And I'm sorry, but I cannot bring myself to pronounce it as "Looeyville" or "Lewisville" ... it makes me cringe.

8. You will get sick of ordering room service for every single meal.  I promise, it's not as glamorous as they make it out to be in the movies.  For me, it was simply a convenience thing because my work was at the hotel itself.  Plus, there weren't really any options close enough to the hotel that I could walk.  Totally gave me a new appreciation for having a car.

9. Caffeine is essential if I'm going to function as an actual human being.  I made the mistake of not having coffee my first morning I was there, and boy could I tell the difference.  Thankfully I could fake it with some under-eye concealer, but I totally crashed in bed at 10 that night.  And those 9 glorious hours of sleep were so worth it.

10. I could actually survive just fine with a carry-on only, if it weren't for the damn liquids rule.  I understand why they have it, but it makes things tough for us high maintenance girls.  I mean, you have to count all of your liquid makeup, skin care, etc., and if you wear contacts or need shaving cream then just forget it!  However, I did manage to make it work.  Look out for a post soon with my tips for surviving on just a carry-on bag.