That Time My Face Was Featured on Anthropologie's Website

Ok, so it wasn't exactly my face because that was cut out of the picture.  But still!  I'm sitting at my desk at work, minding my own business and winding down for the day, when that glorious little Instagram notification popped up on my phone.  "Anthropologie added a photo of you."  Ok, that's cool.  I didn't realize Anthro and I were bff's like that, but cool!  I open the app and see a pretty collage with a bunch of photos, myself included.  A freak-out, dance party, OH EM GEE moment followed, then a text to


.  Of course I had to screen shot that sucker too, for proof. 

So here's the deal - Anthropologie is starting an online photo gallery and they want YOUR photos.  They say to post your favorite Anthro finds on Instagram with #Anthropologie.  Don't forget the hash tag.  It's very important.  Add some more on there while you're at it!

Here's a snippet of my photo.  You can find the entire gallery at

This was such a nice surprise and great way to end the work day!

Shout out if you get featured too!