Taking Stock

For the month of July, I didn't really have any specific favorites that I absolutely


.  This was probably because I was living out of boxes and a suitcase for much of the month and went with the easiest beauty routine possible.  It was actually a nice break, but I am definitely ready to find some new and old favorites for August.  To cap off July, though, I found this awesome


from Kate with The Small Things Blog so I thought I would share my own thoughts!

Making: two orders for my Etsy shop

Cooking: meatloaf and mashed potatoes

Drinking: water...so much water

Reading: Insurgent by Veronica Roth

Wanting: my dishwasher to be fixed

Looking: for furniture for my porch

Playing: Ingrid Michaelson radio on Spotify

Wasting: time online when I should be working...

Sewing: I don't sew :)

Wishing: I had some time this weekend to relax!

Enjoying: the gorgeous fall-like weather we've been having

Waiting: for next week to roll around...so many fun things going on

Liking: mushrooms.  lately I feel like I've been wanting to put them in everything

Wondering: if it's really


necessary that I work this weekend, hmm

Loving: the Givenchy lipstick I picked up from Sephora recently

Hoping: the weather stays nice next week when I go to the PGA Championship with work

Needing: a vacation to somewhere tropical

Smelling: my delicious mason jar salad

Wearing: skinny jeans, chambray shirt, statement necklace and sandals

Noticing: that I should probably shave my legs soon, ha

Knowing: that everything happens for a reason

Thinking: about waiting another day before I wash my hair.  dry shampoo is my best friend

Feeling: settled into my new apartment

Opening: all of the mail that's accumulated from my old place.  oops

I encourage everyone to try this post, and share below if you do!