Awesome & Awkward: Road Trip Edition - Atlanta

Excuse me while I reluctantly get back into my regular routine over here.  Monday morning came way too soon after a fantastic weekend away with


and our dear friends' wedding yesterday evening.  I have a feeling that today will call for more than just my usual morning cup of coffee!  I've got plenty of pictures that I can't wait to share from the trip, but for now let's relive some of our awesome and awkward moments from the last few days.


Chelcey and I both work in the hospitality industry, so we had to take advantage of that employee discount on our hotel obviously!  We had a hotel booked and ready to go, but on the way down we were able to upgrade to a room at the gorgeous Renaissance Hotel in Atlanta!  Even better, we were within a mile radius of Target, a mall, Chipotle, and Pink Berry (which we sadly don't have in Louisville).  That right there is winning at it's finest!  Side note - we got to talking with

Logan Woods

who provided the beautiful floral arrangements for the

Maiedae Mixer

and found out she works in hospitality as well.  Such a small world!


We really didn't know that we would be able to switch hotels until literally the last minute.  I was counting down the time I had left to cancel the original reservation without paying a fee, because I don't do fees.  We were getting closer and closer to Atlanta and actually pulled off at the exit where the first hotel was because we didn't want to drive out of the way if we didn't have to, but then the deal came through!  Not that we couldn't have survived at that hotel, but we were so happy to be closer to the city and a part of all the action!


On our first full day, we ventured over to Lenox Mall for a


lot of shopping.  We unintentionally spent the majority of the day there, but it was amazing!  We both wondered why we don't have a mall like this in Louisville because it was so enormous and seemed to go on and on forever, a shopaholic's dream.  Sure the traffic getting there was 1000 times crazier than I'm used to here, but with so much to look at on the drive over it didn't even matter.  The best part?  As soon as I pulled into the parking lot, another person was about to leave and they gave me their spot.  Finding a place to park there was like finding a needle in a haystack as I learned the next day so that was an awesome moment for sure.  Another best part, the cupcake ATM at Sprinkles.  Enough said.


Speaking of the next day, when we went back (don't judge us) I wasn't so lucky right off the bat with finding someone who was leaving.  I went up and down each and every last row until I finally found an open spot!  Victory!  Only, I had to turn down the aisle the wrong way and awkwardly back into the spot, and someone was coming from the other (correct) direction.  They definitely weren't signaling to park though, so I went for it and hoped I wasn't about to start a fight like you see on random YouTube videos.  Thankfully, that didn't happen and we went about our merry way.


As I've shared in earlier posts, I had to pay an astronomical amount of money to have a dress sent to me overnight so that I would have it in time for our event.  Despite my procrastination, I have to say that I absolutely love how my outfit turned out.  Plus, I will take a dress with an elastic waistband over a zip-up dress any day.  Hello comfort!  And Chelcey and I both agreed that we totally love gold now and will probably incorporate it more into our everyday wardrobe.  The Maiedae Mixer was absolutely beautiful and we met so many amazing creatives.  I seriously can't wait until next year.  Oh, and we made it to the mixer right on time, even in Atlanta traffic and stopping to take some pictures at the hotel beforehand when we probably shouldn't have.


For those pictures, we found a great brick wall for a backdrop and were minding our own business when a group of people came out of the hotel.  One of those boys decided it would be funny to photo-bomb me, and this is the result.  Definitely not a flattering picture of myself, but hilarious nonetheless! 

I'll be sharing photos soon from other fun things we did on the trip, so be sure to check back for that!