The Good, the Bad, and What's Coming

The Good


1. I made it into work early, well earlier than usual, every day this week.  It's amazing what setting your alarm back 15 minutes and


getting out of bed when it goes off can do.  Plus, by coming in 30 minutes earlier, I get to leave early too!  Total win-win.

2. Business is booming at Time and Turquoise!  I've been working on custom orders this week and I am so excited about them.  It's amazing how much fun this little hobby of mine has become.  I've got some fun ideas in the works for the upcoming holidays that I cannot wait to create.

3. I was with


when she got some AMAZING news this past weekend about her own Etsy shop.  Head over to her blog to read all about it.  Here's a hint...her prints are now featured in a local boutique here in Louisville.  I am so ecstatic for her!  PS - look at this amazing selection of burlap I found at Hobby Lobby.  I have hearts in my eyes over this for sure.

The Bad:

1. Apparently the entire city of Atlanta is booked solid when it comes to hotels next week.  Well, not technically, but we couldn't find any where we wanted for our trip at the employee rate.  What good is working for a hospitality company if you can't use the discount, right?  We found a great place in Marietta which will be fine, just not what we were hoping for.  We are both still really excited about the trip though!

2. I paid $21 to have a dress sent to me overnight, because as usual, I procrastinated on finding something to wear for the Maidae Mixer.  I did this not once, but twice, and I cringe thinking about it.  The first dress just wasn't the perfect fit, but the second one fit like a glove and I am so looking forward to wearing it.  Details will be shared next week!

3. I had a guy ask for my last name so he could put it in his phone with my number.  Apparently, he had too many Amanda's in his contacts list.  Next.

What's Coming:

1. I've got a whole lot of cleaning and putting away to do around my apartment.  With so many Etsy orders lately, I have supplies strewn about everywhere and it's starting to drive me a little crazy!  I'll probably do an overhaul of my little craft closet nook and re-organize everything.

2. It's going to be a football and brunch kind of Saturday, but not necessarily in that order.  I'll probably get my usual omelet, which is so delicious!

3. My cousin is getting married on Sunday, so that will be a day spent with family and I am so excited to see everyone and celebrate!  Having a reason to put on a pretty dress doesn't hurt either.

I hope you had a fabulous week!  What exciting plans do you have coming up?