DIY Embellished Mini Pumpkins

I'm a firm believer that you can never have too many pumpkins in the fall, real or decorative.  Pumpkins on the porch, pumpkins on the kitchen counter, pumpkins on a book shelf, you get the idea.  And I love the look of traditional orange pumpkins, but I thought why not jazz some up a little bit?  The best part is, you just toss them at the end of the season so you can do different looks year after year.  This little project was super easy and fun to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon while watching some football, too!

What you need:

Mini Pumpkins

- I had a hard time finding these at the grocery store ( I got my larger pumpkin for the porch at Trader Joes) so I actually got them from the school where my mom works.  At only $1, you really couldn't beat the deal!  I'm sure you could find them at a pumpkin patch also.

Craft Supplies

- You can really get creative here.  I chose to do one glitter pumpkin and two painted, but you could adorn your pumpkins with anything from buttons to jewels to flowers.  Make sure you have the proper brushes/applicators as well, and a space to work where you don't mind if it gets a little messy.  Read - glitter goes EVERYWHERE.

The rest is pretty much self explanatory - just go to town decorating your pumpkins!  Here are some helpful hints that might make the process a little easier:

Wipe your pumpkins off with a damp paper towel before you start. 

You want to remove all of the dirt and make sure you have a smooth, clean surface to work with.

If applying glitter, work in small wedge sections in a circular direction around the pumpkin. 

Apply Mod Podge, sprinkle on the glitter, tap off the excess, and continue doing this until you have covered the entire pumpkin.  I also went ahead and covered the stem.  If you opt to do this, make sure the rest of the pumpkin is completely dry before you handle it.  Otherwise, you'll have chunks of glitter peel off onto your hands, and it's a PITA to remove.

If painting your pumpkins, use two coats for the base color and allow it to completely dry before doing the next. 

I'm so used to painting on wood for my Etsy shop, where the paint dries in a matter of a few minutes.  With this project, you have to be a little more patient.  If you try to paint another coat before the first is dry, you'll just end up with paint sliding around and not actually covering evenly.

Happy decorating!