A Fair Isle Obsession

This has unexpectedly become the season of fair isle in my wardrobe, a pattern I don't usually go for.  Maybe I always thought  it was too preppy?  But recently I have noticed how my style has evolved, especially since starting the blog and becoming more aware of the pieces I own and how I put them together.  Now I'm all about that fair isle.  I'm talking sweaters and pajamas and socks, oh my!  I want all the things.  It doesn't have to be reserved for just the holidays, because hello, we still have a good three months of winter!  And since I'm kind of in the middle of a no-buy month over here, I'm trying very hard not to look for more online.  For now I wanted to share some of my favorite fair isle style (say that ten times fast) inspiration - and ok, you caught me, I've got my eye on some things for February ;)  






What patterns have you been loving lately?