A Trip to Target: Expectations vs Reality

If shopping is my cardio, then Target is running a marathon.  It's no secret that if I had to pick one place to shop for the rest of my life, it would be here.  Since I honestly can't remember the last time I just wandered the aisles, I treated myself to a Target therapy session this past weekend.  I may or may not have walked out with more than I intended, but it's all in the name of my physical well-being, wouldn't you agree?


Expectation: I'll grab Starbucks really quick on my way in so that I have caffeine for shopping energy!

Reality: The line is really long and there's only one person working ... I guess it's worth the wait.


Expectation: I'll walk right past the dollar spot.

Reality: Don't look, don't look ... oooh note cards.


Expectation: I'm going to stick to this list of a couple things I need.

Reality: I'm going to forget everything on this list and buy five throw pillows, four DVDs, three nail polishes, two shirts, and a pack of pens instead.


Expectation: I'm going to buy that adorable maxi dress that was featured on their Instagram account.

Reality: They would have the dress in every size but mine.


Expectation: I'm going to breeze right past the shoes because I already have enough.

Reality: I'm going to stop and try on every pair of sandals but none of them will fit me so it will be a waste of time.


Expectation: Maybe I can skip the media section today, I don't need anything over there.

Reality: Even though I don't need any books or CDs, I have to walk through that way because a trip to Target wouldn't be the same if I didn't take the same route.


Expectation: I really don't need any more home decor but I have to at least look and see what's new! 

Reality: I'm going to put these pillows and tray in my cart, walk around for a while, and then decided I don't really need them.


Expectation: I'm going to find that bar cart on clearance like everyone else seems to have.

Reality: I can't find that bar cart anywhere.


Expectation: I'm going to bring all my new things home and put them right away.

Reality: It's been two weeks and that makeup brush set is still sitting in the package unopened.


Until next time ... happy Target-ing friends!