March Favorites

I know I am going to sound like a broken record by saying this, but how is it that March is over already?!  Don't get me wrong, I am happy that we are closer to warmer days and plenty of sunshine, but I cannot believe that the first quarter of 2015 is in the books (a little accounting humor if you will).  Here are some of my favorite things from this month!

1. Bracelet Stacks - This has been the month of arm parties for me.  As much as I've wanted to buy all the things, I'm taking it slow with building my bracelet collection since it was literally nonexistent before a few weeks ago.  This particular one from Altar'd State has been one of my favorites!  I love it because it's big enough to stand along but also looks great paired with a dainty cuff.

2. Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume - A few years ago this mascara would have been the only thing you would find in my makeup bag.  But then I was bitten by the beauty bug and got the itch to try out new products.  I haven't used it in so long, and this month I was asking myself why?  It does what it says and best of all, it's a rubber brush rather than a bristle one.  I like those best because they really get in between your lashes to build up the volume without getting clumpy.

3. Sephora Formula X The System - Before this month, I couldn't tell you the last time I painted my nails.  Probably around the holidays, if I had to guess.  But I picked up this perfect little package and tried it out.  I love that you get a base coat, top coat, nail cleaner, and you get to choose the color you want!  I hate when sets like this force you into whatever color they chose to include.  Not everyone is going to like the same thing, so the customization is great.  Plus, the product itself worked really well.  I got several days wear before I noticed any chipping, and even then my nails looked good for at least a week.

4. Philosophy Purity Made Simple - There's not a lot to say about this cleanser that I haven't said before, but I wanted to include it because this month I became really aware of just how wonderful this product is.  I ran out of eye makeup remover and used this instead, and it worked just as well without making me feel like I was ripping out all of my eyelashes.  That's usually a problem I run into with oil-based (the kind you have to shake to mix together) removers, and for that reason I steer clear of anything like that.  If you were in a pinch or needed to conserve space when packing, this stuff would definitely do the trick.

5. Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner - This is another product that resurfaced after being absent from my beauty routine for a few months.  I go through phases where I do winged liner and March was a month of the cat eye if there ever was one.  Even better, I forgot I had a brand new one stashed away in my drawer, and there is nothing like that first perfect swipe of eyeliner from a fresh applicator.  It's the little things.

6. Nashville - You know how most shows go on hiatus during the holidays?  Well Nashville was no exception.  But when it started back up in February, I was still so wrapped in the Bachelor that I didn't bother to even touch my DVR.  That changed this month, when I held a mini marathon of the latest episodes I needed to catch up on.  I'm 100% hooked on this show again, just in time for them to take another break (wahhh!).  At least I have all of the soundtracks to get me through it!

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What are some of your favorites from March?