July Favorites

It's hard to believe that summer is almost over (officially, because of course the hot temps will probably last well into September and October) but I can't say that I'm all that disappointed.  After all, fall is my favorite.  I've already attacked the back to school section at Target like a ninja - sorry to everyone who has to buy school supplies for actual school - which is probably my favorite thing about this time of year.  I've got one more summer thing planned for August, a trip to Cincinnati for a pro tennis tournament, and I'm also hoping to get in a trip to Holiday World to cap off the season.  But for now, I'm all but ready to tie the metaphorical bow around summer and be done with it.  Here's a look at my favorites for the month of July! 

Benefit They're Real! Mascara 

After a stint with drugstore mascaras for a while, I treated myself to They're Real because it's my all time favorite.  There's a reason this stuff is a top seller - it delivers volume, length and separation in one tube, even if the wand is a little intimidating.  And I don't know if they changed the formula, but it seems like this particular package has been easier to remove than before.  Honestly, that just makes me love it even more.

Urban Decay Primer Potion

This was another repurchase after trying out a few different brands.  We truly are creatures of habit because this eyeshadow primer is one I have loved since I first got into makeup.  Urban Decay changed up the packaging and is back to having a doe foot applicator, but this time in a squeezable tube.  It's perfect because once you can't get any product out with the applicator, you can still squeeze out that last little bit.  I've been rocking full eyeshadow looks daily and my makeup looks just as good when I get home as it did when I left in the morning thanks to this stuff.

Beauty Blender Cleanser Solid

If you want your makeup tools to last, you have to take care of them.  I'm sure we are all a little guilty of neglecting our brushes, but nothing is more important than a foundation sponge to clean and maintain.  I love my Beauty Blender and don't want to have to repurchase one every couple months because I'm too lazy to clean it, so that's why I love the solid cleanser.  It works a lot better than other methods I've tried, like baby shampoo, and is super easy to incorporate into my regular routine.

Dove Go Fresh Body Wash

Sometimes you don't need fancy-schmancy body wash because one from the drugstore will work just as well.  I grabbed this two-pack since I finally ran out of my never-ending stock pile that I acquired the last couple of Christmases.  It's great for those mornings when I hit the snooze one too many times, because it really does leave your skin moisturized enough to forgo lotion if necessary.  Anything that will cut down on my morning routine is going to be a lasting favorite in my book.

The Comforter Bubble Bar

I don't think I can truly express my excitement over the fact that I finally have a tub in my apartment again.  Never again will I move somewhere that just has a shower, if only because I can't take bubble baths.  Heck, even if I didn't have a tub I would probably by the Comforter just to be an air freshener and make my bathroom smell delicious.

Kacey Musgraves - Pageant Material

I love love love Kacey Musgraves and her new album Pageant Material has not disappointed me.  She's got just the right amount of sass and lyrics so clever you can't help but smile.  Her music is nothing like any other country artist out there that I've heard, and that's why I am so drawn to it.  If you want fun and cheeky, listen to Biscuits, and if you want to let out all the feels, try Fine.  Basically, you can't go wrong with this album.

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June Favorites

Another month, another set of favorites.  I don't know about you but this month really flew by, and this time I really mean it.  And with June being the official start of summer, I finally embraced the hot temperatures and bare legs (FYI, summer is my least favorite season to dress for).  What I do love about summer, though, is colorful everything from nails to lips to shoes.  Here's a recap of what rocked my socks in June (and will probably continue to do so into July).

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Radiant Light

I've actually been able to hang onto my barely-there-but-still-there sun kissed glow from the beach in May, so this powder has been perfect.  I'm not one to dust bronzer all over my face but this is subtle enough that I don't look like a crazy clown with stripes.  It really does give the most gorgeous glow, so I like to use it all over my face.  Think of it as an Instagram filter in real life!

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

You may or may not know that I am a big fan of layering mascaras, and this one in particular has been my go-to for dramatic lashes lately.  I start with a base coat of a regular volumizing formula and then top it off with Roller Lash.  I have never used a lash curler (gasp) so I can't give a comparison in that respect, but I will say that it noticeably curls and separates my lashes with each coat, both of which are very important to a mascara junkie like me!

Philosophy Amazing Grace Firming Body Emulsion

You know that a product called an "emulsion" is going to be luxurious, and this one doesn't disappoint.  I got a deluxe sample with some of my Sephora points and I'm so glad I cashed in on this.  The smell alone is enough to make me want to drench myself in it every morning, but thankfully I have enough restraint to not do that.  In all seriousness though, it's a great lotion that leaves your skin feeling moisturized without leaving any residue.  I haven't used it long enough to speak to it's firming capability, but I'll be sure to give an update soon!

OPI Nail Lacquer in Cajun Shrimp

This is my quintessential nail color.  Take me to the nail salon and I can walk right up to the wall of polish and pick it out in a second.  Since I'm pretty good at painting my own nails and do so often, I figured it was about time that I buy a bottle to add to my collection.  I rocked this mani in Chicago and it's still going strong 5 days later!

Essie Nail Polish in Bikini So Teeny

If you haven't noticed, periwinkle polish is everywhere.  So since I was on the nail painting wagon, I picked up this color as well.  A bikini and shrimp kind of go together, right?  I prefer smaller brush handles just like the Essie one when it comes to painting my own nails, so I actually tend to gravitate more towards their polishes anyway.  Bright colors like this are always fun to throw into the mix every once in a while.  And if you have to keep your fingers pretty conservative for work, this looks just as adorable on your toes!