How to Capture the Perfect Outfit Selfie

You know what I'm talking about - the photos all over Instagram with girls (and guys) holding their arms at the most awkward angles to somehow capture their entire body in a little square frame.  If you're my neighbor then you've probably been privy to witnessing my one-woman circus act every day on my porch.  And don't even get me started on the embarrassing amount of photos I have in multiples of each outfit still saved on my phone, until I get that annoying little message that I've run out of storage.  Why can't there just be a magical cloud where all the outfit selfies go?  And why is selfie still showing up as misspelled?  It's the 21st century, get it together spellcheck!  Rant aside, I'm here to share my tips and tricks for mastering the art of the outfit selfie so that you too can share your #ootd with the world.

Take your photos outside.

You're most likely going to be using the front-facing camera when taking an outfit selfie (unless you have Jedi mind powers and can see that your photo is in frame from the other side of your phone - props if you do), so good lighting is a must to compensate for the lower quality.  In my experience a nice shady spot outside, like a porch, will give you the best results.  You don't want the harshness of direct sunlight but at the same time it can't be too dim either.  Unless you have a room with the most epic natural light in your house, I would seek out a spot in the great outdoors.

Find your best angle.

Practice a couple times with each hand and see what feels most comfortable as far as holding the phone and the angle of your body.  I consistently use my right hand because that's what comes naturally to me, but someone else might do better using their left side.  Also, consider what you're wearing that day.  Don't wear your bracelets on the arm that's holding the phone, otherwise they won't be in the shot!

Color, color, color.

I'm going to be 100% honest, there are certain days when I plan an outfit based majorly on how it would look in an outfit photo.  This usually means incorporating color into an outfit that I might not have otherwise, or swapping out jewelry for something else that really pops.  If you're rocking a bright manicure or lipstick, make sure you showcase that too!  Anything you can do to make your #ootd stand out among a grid of thousands is crucial.  Once you have the hang of taking pictures like this, you'll know as soon as you hit that post button that it's going to be a winner.   

Keep everything in proportion.

This one is a little tricky until you have a lot of practice, but you really have to take care to fill the frame as proportionately as possible.  Hold the phone too high and your legs look teeny-tiny, but hold it too low and you don't get to fit your entire body in the shot.  You might look like a crazy person moving your phone around every which way, and you will end up with A LOT of useless photos, but it's worth it to get the ultimate shot.

Keep the filters to a minimum.

Sure, that super dark and moody filter might look all artsy and cool, but it doesn't really do much to showcase the outfit itself, which is what we are going for!  I use VSCO Cam and have a couple go-to filters that improve the photo subtly and naturally without going overboard.  Think brightening and enhancing the colors.  Plus, you don't want to share an outfit selfie that totally changes the look of the outfit altogether.

Don't forget to tag the brands you're wearing and use hashtags so your photo will be seen!